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All of the characters from the MCU

Marvel Cinematic Universe

25 Movies
406 Episodes
17 days
The crew of the USS Enterprise

Star Trek

11 Movies
756 Episodes
25 days
A selection of the characters from the Star Wars movies

Star Wars

12 Movies
218 Episodes
4 days
A grid of all the incarnations of Doctor Who

Doctor Who

271 Episodes
12 days
Buffy and Angel

Buffy & Angel

254 Episodes
7 days
Harry Potter, surrounded by other characters from the movies

Harry Potter

10 Movies
1 day
Characters from the Justice League

DC Extended Universe

9 Movies
20 hours
The X-Men from the original movies

X-Men (Timeline A)

7 Movies
13 hours
The X-Men from the newer movies

X-Men (Timeline B)

7 Movies
14 hours

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I mean I'm still working on it, working out the bugs.
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